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Item name: custom magnetic for shower door seals
Product Detail:
1、 Specifications:
 Laminate sheet with magnetic Be Made of ferrite magnet powder, compound rubber and other material With glossy or matte oil. Laminate sheet with magnetic  are made of ferrite magnet powder, compound rubber and other materials.By extruding,rolling or injecting, the combination can be made into soft, plastic and flexible magnets with different shapes which are depend on the request of clients.
2、 Type for laminate sheet with magnetic:
2.1Isotropic material: weak magnetism, used on iceboxes, presswork and marketing and promotion premiums
2.2 Anisotropic material: strong magnetism, used in such applications as micro-motors and magnet toys.
Service Provided:
3、Size of  laminate sheet with magnetic for reference:
(W) 610mm/800mm、(L) 10/ 20/ 30/ 50/ 900meter、(T) Standard: 0.4 to 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/ 3.0mm  、   Special: 0.25mm/0.3mm
4、Surface Treatment:
Laminated with PVC Sheet、Laminated with Self-adhesive、Chinese excellent standard self-adhesive、USA 3M adhesive、Screen Printing
5、Application for laminate sheet with magnetic:
 Professional Gifts、Magnetic Photo Frame、Car Decoration、Magnetic Stationery、Name Card、Toys、Advertisement
6、related products

7、Packaging & Shipping
By Sea: As the magnets have strong attraction and we will use the spacer to apart the magnets each other in case people will be hurt when take it out. Then, they will be packed in a small  box of pieces each, several boxes to a carton. (Detailed package quantity should be made upon the real products)
By Air: If the goods will be shipped by air, all the magnetic should be degaussed and we will use Iron sheet to shield.
8、Why choose us :
1. Quick response:
  We commit to give you immediate detailed quotations with instructions and product details. And customize your required product in the shortest time.
2. High-quality products and competitive prices:
We reduce material costs through purchase large quantitatively of raw materials and other measures from manufactures directly, which ensures good quality and favorable prices of our products, and we share our profit with customers.
3. Closed service:
 Big or long-term cooperation customers can become our VIP customers and enjoy more competitive prices and VIP service.
Customized Rubber Magnet

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